Alimony – which can also be called “maintenance” – is support that one spouse provides to the other during or after a divorce.

In general, the higher earner of the two passes resources to the lower earner with a variety of justifications, from covering living expenses to education/re-training and, in some cases, as an arrangement of permanent support.

Determining fair, equitable alimony is a difficult process that requires detailed financial disclosures, the examination of lifestyle and assets, and projections for the future. A host of factors are considered, including each spouse’s independent earning capacity; their age, health, and standard of living; their contributions to the marriage and each other’s individual success; and responsibilities regarding children and parenting.

Approaching the issue of alimony from both the payor and payee sides requires a trusted partner who understands the interplay between every important issue in the life of a marriage. Hunter Law Group will work closely with you to determine an arrangement that meets your needs and positions you to build a happy, fulfilling life after divorce.

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