Automobile accidents can occur at any time in Tampa.  Most people are involved in accidents when they are less than five miles from their home.  More often than not, these accidents happen where you least expect to suffer injury.  These accidents can be caused due to speeding, traffic conditions, unsafe driving and negligence.  The car accident attorneys at Hunter Law, P.A. have experience litigating many different kinds of car accident injury cases in and around Tampa.

Common Tampa Car Accidents include:

Rear impact collisions

Rear impact collisions are almost as likely as a collision to the front of a vehicle.  They can include a fender-bender, a driver distracted by an increasingly digital lifestyle, or a sudden stop to traffic.  Almost all accidents hitting a car from the rear are caused by the driver behind the impacted car.  This means that a rear impact collision should be categorized as an at fault scenario.

Whiplash and soft tissue damage are common injuries that occurs in rear impact collisions, typically affecting the driver and passengers of the car that has been hit.

Front impact collisions

Front impact collisions allow a driver to see the accident as it is about to take place, giving both passengers and the driver time to prepare their body somewhat for the shock of the collision.  The reaction is to brace the body, which allows you to somewhat absorb the shock from the impact.  Front impact collisions often include other cars, trees, road obstructions and animals.

Head, neck, back, spine, shoulder and injuries to the legs and knees are the most common injuries experienced in a front impact collision.  It is always in your best interest to seek help from a medical professional to ensure you did not suffer a concussion, internal injuries, dislocations or any other medical problems.

Side impact collisions

In a side impact collision, grave injuries to the head will often occur as the driver’s head will strike something like the door or window.  The vehicle can be impacted by either the front or back of another vehicle, and it may even be a fixed object.  Vehicle damage will be severe, and the parties on the impacted side of the automobile will find they have far worse injuries.

Possessing knowledge will help you learn to avoid accidents while on the road.  Still, you will only ever be able to control your own car.  Automobile accidents will happen.  Depending on your case and the severity of all damages and injuries, there may be complex litigation involved.  Handling the case on your own will likely result in reduced compensation for injuries and damages.  At Hunter Law, P.A. we navigate the complexities, allowing you time to concentrate of a complete and expedient recovery.