Few things are more embarrassing or painful than slipping and falling in a public place.  Most of us will stand quite quickly and keep moving, so that we minimize the attention we are afraid we will garner.  However, there will be some people who slip and fall who are unable to stand back up due to a potentially serious injury.  There are many injuries that can occur from what is considered a simple slip and fall.

Back Injury:

One of the most common injuries to the body in a slip and fall is an injury to the back.  It is likely that a person who is falling will attempt to break the fall and twist their back in the process.  The problem is that people often do not realize that aches and pains they feel days after the fall are caused by this violent twisting motion.  An injury of this nature is serious and should be assessed as soon as possible by a medical professional.

Neck Injury:

The neck is a sensitive part of your body and the violent twisting or jarring motion experienced in a slip and fall can cause a significant injury.  It is possible to suffer a herniated or ruptured cervical disc.

Arm or Wrist Injury:

One of the instincts we all have when we fall is to try to break the fall, by throwing our arms out to catch something or reduce the impact.  Doing this puts considerable pressure and impact onto the bones of the wrist, which will often cause a break or a sprain.  The same, or worse, can occur when the shoulder and elbows come into play in the fall.  If you have been the victim of a slip and fall and you believe you have injured your arm, you should see a medical professional.

If it important to understand that businesses have a responsibility to provide you a safe environment in which to shop.  Their aisles should be free of spills and obstacles that can cause you to fall.  It is important that you talk to a store manager and file an accident report after the fall.  This information may be something you need in order to recover potential medical expenses and damages.

There are numerous pitfalls a victim of a slip and fall 504can encounter.  The process you must follow to recover damages is complex and can take time.  Because of this it is important you have competent and capable legal representation.  At Hunter Law, P.A. we deal with the defendant’s attorney, the insurance claims adjusters and the bill collectors to allow you time to concentrate on making a full recovery.